Welcome to the Carriage Corner Car Wash


Who are we?

Carriage Corner Car Wash has been a staple of the Fort Collins business community for over 20 years.  Located at 2000 Bighorn Drive, we offer a variety of goods and services to assist our customers in keeping their automobiles looking their best. Family owned and operated, we value our relationship with our surrounding community members and are honored to serve their needs.


What do we offer?

Carriage Corner Car Wash offer four self-serve auto bays equipped with pre-soak options, foaming scrub brushes, hot wax and spot free rinse selections. Our touch-free auto bay boasts a Mark VII auto wash system leaving your car clean without harming the paint with abrasive brushes. We have eight commercial vacuums and multiple trash receptacles for our customers to refresh the interior of their cars. Our lobby, open during daylight hours, is equipped with all the vending options needed to detail your ride from shammies and tire shine to Armor All wipes and air fresheners. There are even snack and beverages options to tide you over while shining your wheels.

Our facility uses some of the best products available to ensure the presentation and preservation of your automobile.  Both our self-serve bays and our auto wash use Car Choice Wash Products, designed and manufactured for the ultimate performance in car care by Warsaw Chemical.  Established in 1941, Warsaw Chemical is an industry leader in product development for car care that is both effective and environmentally responsible.  From the Finisher presoak, formulated to cut through the toughest of grimes, to the Tri-Foam polish, formulated with polymers to protect and enhance your vehicle’s finish, every product excels at cleaning and preserving your automobile.

As a locally owned small business, we understand the needs of other locally owned organizations.  We offer fleet service access to our wash systems that include corporate rates and discount code options.  Applying for an account is as simple as contacting us either by phone, email or in person to complete an application form.  Let us help you keep your fleet clean and customer ready with tailored code tracking and discount rates.